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 Really Josh? Really?

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PostSubject: Re: Really Josh? Really?   Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:30 am

Roxas2 wrote:
Ed wrote:
Roxas2 wrote:
Ed wrote:
Roxas2 wrote:
IP bans don't work on me either.

I believe I just provided clear evidence that you stated you cannot be IP banned. Did I take what you said out of context? No you blatantly have just stated that IP bans do not work on you, so you're implying that if I were to IP ban you, it wouldn't work, making you unable to be banned via IP, hence my previous statement 'you tool'. It's not about having alternative IP's. Whether it's because you have different modems set up in your house, whether you use an effective IP mask, whether you have a Dynamic IP or whether you are just an idiot that thinks a cheap proxy can get you past anything. Which I know you are, because you've informed me you use proxies and I have every reason to believe you aren't old enough to pay for a legit Anonymous Websurfing Proxy, because they can only be purchased by credit cards, which you wouldn't have being under age and I highly doubt your parents would allow you to use their credit card on something as unstable as a AWSP because most of them are very unstable and designed merely for credit card fraud. You cannot use a paypal for a decent proxy, nor do I believe you'd go to the effort because you got banned for being a jackass.

You are able to be banned via IP even though you claimed not to be, end of discussion. =D

Ed Ed Ed Ed Ed Ed

Lol, I love how you get so over-emotional over this. But no, I did not word what I was intending to say correctly. How I avoid IP-bans is not your concern. ^-^ I also got banned for acting like a jackass, I am really not like that. If anyone is being the jackass at the moment it is yourself for persecuting me for something you weren't even there during. Hell, you don't even understand why I was acting that way (because I barely do) so I would appreciate it if you would stop being a smartass. :3

If you have the ability to tell what emotion I express during my replies you must be Jesus. Can I have your autograph Jesus? If I don't get it my friends won't believe that I met you, considering you don't exist and all. Firstly although I wasn't there I've been there for many of your ordeals and witnessed them first hand. Secondly the chat-logs were displayed at the start of this thread, giving me yet again clear evidence that you were acting like a jackass, which gives me every right to return the favour by doing so here, enjoy scooping to my level again with your next reply since we all know you cannot help yourself. Prove me wrong.

*signs autograph* No. The people who I was a jackass to have the right to return the the favor. You, however, have no right. :]

Thanks for the autograph, mind if I sell it on eBay? I'm sure I could get, maybe $3.50 including postage and handling. Thanks kiddo. =D
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Posts : 7
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PostSubject: Re: Really Josh? Really?   Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:35 am

This has descended into petty banter - locked.
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Really Josh? Really?
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