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  Kakikomi Shinzo

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Kakikomi Shinzo


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Character sheet
Village: Fire Country - Hidden Leaf
Rank: Kage
Elements: Lighting, Wind, and Water

PostSubject: Kakikomi Shinzo    Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:43 pm

Name: Shinzo, Kakikomi
Nickname: Blazing Wind; Japanese Version Gekido-fū (Referring to his amazing speed)
Age: 16
Date of Birth: September Unknown day
Gender: Male
Clan: Kakikomi Clan - Elite Branch


Kekkei Genkai - Kakikomi Curse Mark - Stage 1 (they all differ if its a unique version, this is Shinzo's unique curse mark)

Personality: Kind to others, Feels pain for those who even when they try their hardest fail in the end, encourages determination, tries to make all things fair amongst ninja, sometimes spaces out during random periods of time. Cool, strong, determined, understanding, vengeful, caring.

Clan Information

(please post this separately in Clan Creation also please. your clan won't be approved with your character, it has to be done aside from this)

Clan Name: Kakikomi Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Via a curse mark given at birth the people of the Kakikomi Clan has enhanced ability as ninja which varies depending on curse mark the most common curse mark is the Clan symbol its self which only enhances ninjutsu ability the rarer types are hard to find and take great skill different curse marks activate depending on how strong the child is natural and all members mature or take on a right of passage by enhancing their curse mark to its second level basically making the curse mark transform in to a unique seal meant for the one who owns it.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:

Beginning of the Kakikomi Clan: Kaki Buraddomāku was a man who studied the art of Fūinjutsu to a point where he rivaled that of the Uzumaki clan which when it was still standing over 600 years ago was a master of Fūinjutsu and destroyed for that very reason upon mastering Fūinjutsu to such a level he began testing it on his handicap son in a attempt to reawaken the legs his son lost years before when trying this the Kaki being his last name and Komi of his sons first named were fused to create the new clan which was born through Fūinjutsu, The Kakikomi clan.

Mastering the New Kakikomi Technique: A few months after the birth of the Kakikomi the sealing technique needed to create the clans new secret Kekkei Genkai had to be mastered and specialized so they began to form a small group of those who would lead the future of the Kakikomi naming the technique, "Kakikomi Style: Mark of Birth" a jutsu passed down to each Kakikomi so that it can be passed down to the next generation.

The first Kakikomi Sage: One unique birth, the first of many created a new curse mark of the Kakikomi it awakened different powers then all the others a new rarer form of curse mark this child grew up to be called the Kakikomi Sage a master of various jutsu, His kekkei genkai among the Kakikomi was one that specialized in Ninjutsu and Fūinjutsu but his natural ability in all other jutsu types caused his ability with the Kakikomi birth seal to go to the next level and the "Kakikomi Style: Mark of life" was born the reasons for naming it this are still unknown...

Current Kamikomi Head: Many believe the hokage Kakikomi Shinzo is head of the Kakikomi clan but the new head has not yet been decided since the last generation was born choosing a new leader has been difficult...

Branches of the Kakikomi:

Rank Information
Rank: Kage
Village: Hidden Leaf (Obviously i'm da hokage... Jeez)

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: Ninjutsu
Main: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Sub: Fuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Suiton, and Fuuton
Special Characteristics: Faster and more durable then other ninja, his reason for this is special training he under went as a child because of the Kakikomi elders interest in Shinzo's kekkei genkai curse mark.

(please note: use the same template for every jutsu)

Name: Kakikomi Style: Mark of Birth
Type: Fuinjutsu
Rank: Chunnin and above
Element: N/A

Description: The kakikomi's clan's jutsu used at birth to enhance the abilities of its clan members which creates its unique kekkai genkai.

Name: Wind style: Tornado shock jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Chunnin and above
Element: Wind and lighting

Description: through use of wind style with lighting mixed in using chakra to keep it in place a tornado is formed through the rotation of both together causing a dangerous type of attack called the tornado shock jutsu.

Name: Water style: Rapid waves
Type: ninjutsu
Rank: Genin
Element: water and wind

Description: through use of water style and wind style he can create violent waves that cause damage equal to that of being rammed by car at high speeds.

Name: Lighting Style: Shock palm
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: Chunnin
Element: Lighting

Description: using his lighting chakra and channeling into the palm of his he can fight with taijutsu creating a basic by lethal use of jutsu.

Name: Wind Style: Speed of a Sage
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: chunnin and above
Element: wind and lighting

Description: by using chakra with the wind and lighting elements to increase speed it is possible to go at intense speeds that surpass average ninja.

Name: Water Style: Tunneling Wave
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Jounin
Element: Water and wind

Description: BY combining the wind and water chakra types to a lethal level a blade sharp wave can by used against enemies sharp enough to break through not only armor but an entire ninja with the strength to rip them in half.

Name: Lighting Style: Shocking Wave
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Chunnin and above
Element: Lighting and water

Description: A strong wave enhanced with lighting style to create a seismic shocking wave that can be considered extremely deadly.

Name: Water Style: Blood Rain
Type: genjutsu
Rank: Jounin
Element: Water, Wind, and lighting

Description: BY catching the enemy in a genjutsu he begins to poison his enemy outside of the genjutsu through use of water at a polluted level and in side the genjutsu by creating the illusion of blood rain falling while light shocks the inner organs of the body and wind cuts the outside its been called an evil technique in some cases because of its deadly realism and its shocking affects if used correctly.

(You can also use Canon jutsu from the list also found in Character Creation)

(remember: only S ranked characters may have their own style. all other characters must have an approved style or none until they can learn it)

Name: My ninja way: Determination
Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Rank: chunnin
Element: water, wind, and lighting

Description: Just a determined goofy way of fighting, when serious the style specializes in enhanced speed and durability.

(please note: this template is for weapons that are unique to your character. Kunai and Shurikan are standard ninja tools and do not need to be mentioned apart from the amount of these items that you have)
Kunai 100x
Shurikan 100x

History and Roleplay Sample
Pre-academy Arc: Shinzo was a member of the Kakikomi clan that had had his parents killed in battle leaving only a premature baby to be saved not knowing the actual birth date and only the month they began using the kakikomi style to give young Shinzo his curse mark. When Shinzo showed that his curse mark was one of the rare and few unique curse marks they wanted him trained so that he would be the most elite of ninja....

Academy Arc: Shinzo was lazy all through out his academy years form his entrance at the age of 5 till his graduation at 8 he had always felt like there was no need to do anything which caused him to be punished by his elders almost every day as a boy.

Genin Arc: Shinzo was assigned various missions as a genin many people questioned sending a 9 year old out on missions but he always succeeded this was a time were you showed his worth as a Shinobi of the leaf. Two years later he was promoted to chunnin.

Chunnin Arc: During this time Shinzo had accomplished many rescue missions but began to lazily space out in boredom of the every day things he had to do as he grew higher in rank. He cared for other yet was to lazy to care for things like ramen bills piling up and cats running away from home. He was promoted to Jounin on his 12th birthday...

Jounin Arc: As a Jounin people saw Shinzo as lazy and unnecessary constantly telling his clan and the hokage to demote him for his failure as a ninja, but that all changed in his third year as a jounin at the age of 14 he proved himself to be one of the most capable ninja alive by defending the village single handedly while all others where out on missions using multiple techniques to prevent a attack on his village. recognizing this he was now called The leaf village's Blazing wind for his speed and skill used to defeat an army of ninja from a mysterious land still unknown to this day. 2 years later in a tragic attempt to protect the vilage against an unknwon enemy with enormous strength the hokage died and the only one qualifieed in the eyes of the village and its ninja was Shinzo who had become some one every one could depend some one strong and loyal a perfect hokage is what they thought and so he was promoted to hokage a few months later....

Hokage Arc: Its just began...

Rp Sample:
Made at Dbz eternal galaxy as android 107:

107 awoke in the wastelands laying down inside of a cave just outside the wind blew strong, the sun grew brighter and brighter, the sand looked like lava as the sun hit it the rocks looked like a living hell a world on fire. 107 looked around slowly lifting his head up from the ground as he looked he saw small birds passing by and animals hiding in the hot desert trying to avoid harsh death. "It's a pity its my first day here and I'm seeing new things but to me its all the same int his wasteland animals trying to survive harsh conditions... Maybe i should have picked a more suitable place to train..." 107 thought to himself carefully standing up walking outside of the cave with its various holes as if it would fall and cave into it self. "Man what a pain..."

107 walked with new goal or place to go walking forward in the heat calm and carelessly walking straight ahead with no cares in the world. The sun suddenly got hotter and brighter as if trying to burn 107 till he was crisp ashes blowing in the wind amongst the sand as the wind grew harder and began to circle and circle. It didn't take long for 107 to realize what was happening in the end a sand storm was forming another new experience, but 107 had been warned of natural disasters and other things that might get in his way during his journey so he was perfectly prepared covering his head with his scarf hiding his face 107 walked on in the heat that struck against his pale emo skin that glowed whiter then the moon at its brightest looking like nothing could bother him.

"This is a good time too..." 107 whispered as he put out one of his hands watching the sandstorm grow into a beast of a wind that blew hard and strong like a world champion boxer punching the average guy right in the face his hardest it pushed 107 back ever so slightly. He smirked as it began to blow harder suddenly channeling all his energy int the palm of his hand and firing a wave a full power wave of energy causing the sand storm to end with a violent explosion that shook the entire wasteland to its core everything shook under the mighty blow amazingly powerfully. "So that's how it works..." said half laughing walking in his awkward path with no destination following the blow of the wind which sent him down a straight path...

A few hours later

107 saw something in the distance it was bright and shining small from what he saw at the current distance. yet there was something about 107 scanned to see if there was any life there were various living beings it seemed ti was a village or small town. "I wonder what it will be like when i get there..." 107 thought as he walked on toward his first goal and destination a mysterious place he had no idea about, yet he seemed like he was curious about this place just what did 107 see when he scanned the area to find out about his place he had seen a high power and wanted to see it himself but wasn't sure at all about this it seemed like a bad idea at first...

As appeared in the town after his long journey from the wastelands to this what seemed to be small town he could already tell there was some one extremely strong here but ti was difficult to pinpoint the exact location of this extremely strong man who ever he may be, or could be searching for this strong guy have been a bad idea was always the first thought crossing 107's mind since he did not yet fully understand the powers he was given and built with there was no natural control over such things was all 107 thought as he started to ponder his reasons for even wanting to find this strong guy. "I've got to get stronger... The longer i wait around the longer it takes to catch up to them..." 107 said as he walked through the town.

While walking he noticed people hiding in fear of something as if there was some one or something there but 107 didn't see anything strange while scanning the area what were they waiting for? Why were they hiding in the first place? It only took a few moments longer for 107 to realize just what was going on from all four sides came wild bandits in armored vehicles that began circling 107 yelling to him idiotically saying they'd kill him for entering blue cloud territory. "what the hell is blue cloud?" was the first thought 107 had as he was swarmed by the bandits.... BOOOM!!!! Suddenly 107 struck attacking one of the drivers and killing him then sending one of the crazy weapon added tricked out things at one another causing an explosion...

"HEY YOUR MESSING WIT THE BLUE CLOUD JUST WAIT TILL WE GET THE BOSS YOUR DEAD NOW!" yelled the bandits of the blue cloud as they suddenly drove off in fear disappearing with in the town's strange atmosphere. Suddenly the people of the town started to leave there homes and set up shop and things seemed normal kids playing games together and stuff like that, but some of the people started to surround 107 and praise him giving him gifts for driving off the members of the blue cloud from harassing the people of the town which 107 was told that the town was once called chilled wasteland till the blue cloud arrived and destroyed all the grassy fields in the area taking all the water from the spring and claiming the one place with fresh water in the wasteland and claiming it for them selves.

"This place really is messed up... Well it's better then my screwed up future guess the past wasn't so great either..." 107 began thinking as he ignored the people of the town when the huge power he had sensed and saw on the scanner early began to close in, at the very first look at this he knew instantly what was going to happen. "Get out of here you'll only get in my way... NOW BEFORE I BLOW YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!" 107 suddenly screamed as he waited for his enemy to appear and fight him. Looking on the energy finally closed in he was here a short guy shorter then him he stood 5'3 and had a scar down his face his hair was black with a pony tail and bangs covering his face, his skin was tanned from the sun he wore a Martial Artist's GI and had a smirk on his face as he looked at 107.

"Let's get started I'll make the first move..." The short warrior said about 107's age or younger, then suddenly appearing behind 107 and throw a kick at him. 107 instinctively blocked the strike then sending his own kick straight at him but he dodged then went in for a punch 107 was hardly able to stop the punch from hitting him they continued to trade blows for another 5 minutes before the short man ran out of breath giving 107 an advantage as he was an android and didn't run out of breath as easily or not at all if lucky. As the bandits that worked for the man saw this they began to become frightened and run at the sight of this the short man blasted them to ashes 107 soon realized this was his chance if he didn't finish it now they would be fighting for hours.

107 punched the man as hard as he possibly could ripping straight through his check spine and ribs in a single hit the man died soon after. "It's over now... He was really tough... The way i beat him is a disgrace to fighters everywhere... He deserved a better death... But who cares about that now I'm tired..." said walking to the near by spring that the town's people were talking about there was a house built right next to it by the blue cloud a good place to sleep for the night...


Move or die you've got 3 seconds to choose

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PostSubject: Re: Kakikomi Shinzo    Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:31 am

Alotta Jutsu you got there but you are a Hokage Approved

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Kakikomi Shinzo
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