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 Hattori Yasunaga

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Hattori Yasunaga


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Character sheet
Village: Water Country - Mist Village
Rank: Kage
Elements: Water , Wind , Lightning

PostSubject: Hattori Yasunaga   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:51 am

Name: (Hattori Yasunaga)
Nickname: (Spear in the mist)
Age: (23)
Date of Birth: (a year is not required)
Gender: (male)
Clan: )

Looks: (he has long black hair that is in a ponytail he has dark blue eyes and a slightly roughed up face obtained from many fights his outfit is not of nobility he wears clothing of that peasents would wear.)

Personality: (Hattori Yasunaga is a very confident in his abilities fears verry little if he were affraid or new victory was unlikely he would hide it for he would not let those who follow or oppose him see weakness he is very serious to that wich requires it can generally be a very relaxed and friendly to people he likes anyway although it should not be takin advantage of he doesnt tolerate disobeying orders or not heading his words the only thing that truly annoys him is disrespect as for what he likes is a wide variety of things if someone thinks there better he loves a challenge conversations he doesnt mind losing as long as it was honerably as long as he or his people arent disrespected he will generally be in a good mood .)

Rank Information
Rank: (S, Kage)
Village: (Mist)

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: ( Ninjutsu)
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Genjutsu
...Elemental Affinity : (Water) (Wind) (Lightning)
Special Characteristics: (he appears to be slow although it can be impossible to try and catch him very good at hiding)

(please note: use the same template for every jutsu)

Name: in plain sight
Type: (Ninjutsu)
Rank: (S)
Element: (Water)
Description: (A very deep fog will clod the battle zone the opponent sees Hattori but whenever they try to follow him he is somewhere else never knowing where he really is Hattori taunts them playing jokes as the opponents mind is played with they loose sight of what is really happening clones may be used to appear several places at once while he plays with them Hattori slowly kills them with non lethal blows before letting out the killshot)

Name: Shadowy grave
Type: (Ninjutsu)
Rank: (S)
Element: ()
Description Hattori turns the blade facing his opponent as they stare into it the are paralyzed with the vision of the death of them there family and loved ones the vision happens without even knowing it unaware that they have left reality the opponent cant attack for there next post and must describe there vision the attack can be avoided by writing of how they resist it but cant be something simple as "Jim ignores the blade" can only be used once per topic

Name: Wall of Naginata
Type: (Ninjutsu)
Rank: (S)
Element: ()
Description Niginata's seem to be in every direction coming at the opponent in thrust downward upward and side slashes hundreds of the attacks appear as Hattori toys with his prey untill he finishes them or they escape the barrage.

(You can also use Canon jutsu from the list also found in Character Creation)

(remember: only S ranked characters may have their own style. all other characters must have an approved style or none until they can learn it)

Type: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu etc)
Rank: (Genin are allowed up to C ranked styles, Chuunin B ranked, Jounin A ranked ect)
Element: (the elemental affinity of the style- again, this must correspond with one of the character's affinity/ies)
Description: (give us a very descriptive evaluation of how the style is set up, what the performance is and what the result is. also, please include why someone would actually use this style)

(please note: this template is for weapons that are unique to your character. Kunai and Shurikan are standard ninja tools and do not need to be mentioned apart from the amount of these items that you have)

Name: Amanonuboku
Appearance: (a Naginata with its blade only slightly curved at its tip its steel is as blue as the ocean with its shaft as black night the shaft is also wraped with torn cloth the hangs off of it gliding in the air when there is a breeze)
Rank: (A)
Special Abilities: (the weapon allows the user to hide much easier blending in where there are shadows)
Origin: (Named after the spear that gave birth to the islands of the east it is unknown where it was originally forged legend told that the shadows themselves forged it at a full moon it is said that whoever is fighting against it can see there own death by starring into the steel Hattori claims to have obtained it in a dream saying the minions of the shadows handed it to him as he awoke it was in his hand .. of course nobody knows if this is true or not.)

History and Roleplay Sample
(Child Arc, As a child Hattori was born into a lower class family that had many dark secrets he was put into a ninja school that was based on the villages history of shadows he lerned a great deal of how to fight without exausting himself how to play with his opponents mind how to kill without being seen however he learned much of this from his family not the Achedey what he learned there was little but usefull skills of adapting to the enviorment the clan focused on little other than ninjutsu Hattori was the best in the class in his first year he was even better than those who had become Genin he was truly becoming the best and quickly the clan was proud and had great plans for him however his succes didnt last long. several hostile clans saw the danger in the shadow clan and allied together in order to destroy them during the assault Hattori knew they couldnt win he disappeared into the night while his clan was destroyed there secrets lost forever the little ammount of those secrets were left with Hatorri from that day on he survived by being a bandit untill one day an Armoured swordsmen saw Hattori trying to attack him the swordsmen quickly defeated Hattori instead of killing him he took the young ninja back to his hut and taught him about honor and respect,

Samurai arc, over the next several years the swordsmen taught Hattori about honour respect and fighting in single combat he quickly became a master of the sword and surpassed the skill of his new master one day as he slept he dreamt of the lord of shadows the god that his clan looked to for protection he told Hattori that he was the last of that clan the shadow minions presented him with the Amanonuboku and he awoke that day he began training with his new weapon against the swordsmen who told Hattori that the weapon was a Naginata a spear like weapon with a curved blade the swordsmen new this weapon was dark and one day released his apprentice because of this.Mist village Arc, After leaving his master hattori had become a master of the sword and Naginata along with single combat he also had a sense of honor and respect he was now 15 years old when he found the mist village the leaders there were cruel they were going to kill Hattori untill he killed 7 of there Shinobi before anyone could blink the leaders saw his potencial and offered to teach him in the way of their ninja Hattoro accepted and began training in Mist village, For the next 4 years he learned to control mist he quickly became one of the best very few chalanged him and his dreaded weapon that now had several peices of cloth from his opponents clothing hanging from it the weapon itself instilled fear into the hearts of others despite this however he became greatly respected omongst the people those close to him enjoyed his presence as he did theirs.

Leader Arc, one day Hattori grew angry at the Village leader as he disrespected his old ways Hattori chalenged him for rights of leadership the duel was accepted a battle of single combat took place in an open area outside the village in a flash of lighting Hattori vanished and appeared above the Leader launching a downward strike wich started the duel the Leader was suprisingly strong wich shocked Hattori before him noone stood any remote chance against him the duel comenced for 3 hours untill Hatori struck the Leader in is abdomin with the shaft of his Naginata and quickly lunged downward with the blade of it slitting his throat Hattori had acheived victory and become Leader of Mist village 4 years after the battle he still leads them and is well respected although he is aware of the cruelty going on against his shinobi he knows it makes them stronger ninja and does nothing against it with mist Village stronger than ever Hattori begins to turn his gaze past the borders of his land.
Rp Sample:
(give us a roleplay sample to prove your writing skills. you may copy other roleplays from other sites if you please. the higher rank of the character you make, the longer this will need to be. the standard of roleplay given here, must be lived up to)


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Kakikomi Shinzo


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Character sheet
Village: Fire Country - Hidden Leaf
Rank: Kage
Elements: Lighting, Wind, and Water

PostSubject: Re: Hattori Yasunaga   Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:18 pm



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Hattori Yasunaga
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