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 Main Plot

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PostSubject: Main Plot   Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:16 pm

This site is based 600 years after Naruto Shippuden; Peace has finally come to the ninja world, but with peace many ninja have found that they were no longer needed in this new world and have taken up either a life of crime by becoming professional assassins and/or thieves or merely living a life of peace and prosperity in the peaceful world. However, mysterious murders have suddenly skewered throughout the world as the mark of a red cloud in the victim's blood was always left upon the wall or ground, marking the recent presence of the once thought extinct Akatsuki.

This caused panic in each village to rise, unknown to the people of this world these murders were being done by an individual known as Kento Uchiha. This rogue shinobi wished to rebuild the long dead organization after finding out the true history of his clan and wished to walk in the footsteps of Madara Uchiha.

Four years ago Kento helped his best friend Yamato Sosei take over the Sand Village and become the new Kazekage by force. Upon receiving word of the conquering of Suna, the other hidden villages began to buff up their defenses to maximum levels, becoming extremely entrusting and starting a conquest of their own areas; and as this occurred, the newly formed Akatsuki looked upon this with humor in hope that the villages would tear each other apart.

The Kages now not only ruled over their village, but an entire country of their own, all hidden villages becoming war-mongering dictatorships, ruled by a single person, who had the power to plunge the entire country into a massive war if he pleased. This greatly increased the power that the Kages held, and thus, Kage summits ceased to exist, for isolation began to take its grip on the all the countries.

The few villages that remained are finding themselves as the last line of defense of the fragile peace and are once again called to defend the lands. However, hostilities began to rise as the strength of a shinobi grew even greater, each country was now in a race to develop the greatest ninja army the world had ever seen. All forms of peace treaties have become non-existent, and the world is on the brink of the fifth great shinobi war! The Battle is now, the war is about to begin, what side will you join?
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Main Plot
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