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Raikatsu Shikyo


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PostSubject: Raikatsu   Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:41 pm

Name: Raikatsu Shikyo
Nickname: Dual-eyed Devil, Fear
Age: 17
Date of Birth: December 20 or 20/12
Gender: Male
Clan: Shikyo

Looks: The physical state Raikatsu is in could only be described as "greek god". He has thick sturdy muscles, and a six pack, though he is thin, for his hieght at least. His hair is a deep red, as if it was soaked in blood for days, never to change. His face is calm and relaxing. He has an average jaw, but slightly gaunt cheek lines, making him very attractive. He has the hair of madara, but the face of Itachi. He has dark "bags" under his eyes from lack of sleep, even though he doesnt need it.

When smiling he has the craziest and creepiest smile you could ever imagine, making him very intimidating and oddly scary. His appearence is that of a tired man who has experienced more than even the oldest shinobi. Though he appears slightly aged, he is actually very young, but also very experienced. His physical appearance shows a serious young prodigy, however his past is damn near the exact opposite. His state of physical condition is far from what he truly is.

His clothes make him look extremely different from normal ninja. A normal ninja would dress in dark colors, blue or green for most, however he perfers red and black. He does not blend in very well. He doesnt need to hide, is why he claims he can wear black and red. His shirt is dark red, as if a man with high iron, and high blood pressure bled on it, soaking it in its dark embrace of color. He wears a chainmail shirt underneath that, which is able to conduct chakra. He usually wears a black jacket on top of that, made with steel plates, made everyone but the joint areas, allowing him top manueverability while maintaining the same defense properties. His pants are made the same way, even with a built in protective cup. The darkness of his pants are not black, that would be saying that midnight is equal to the sun. His jacket and pants are actually darker than black. He usually leaves his jacket open, which shows off his chest through his skin tight shirt.

Personality: The one thing that describes Raikatsu's personality is one word that makes men cry, women beg, and dogs howl. Insanity. Raiakatsu is litteraly conflicted by every emotion there is, not understanding many of them, but knowing they are there, even though he has complete control of them, they annoy him constantly. His ruling emotions are nuetrality and love. He lacked love growing up and seeks it constantly as a man. Some see him as a manwhore, or a womanizer, the truth is he just wishes to be loved. Once he finds a single woman he loves he will settle down, until then he might as well have a hell of a time, right? To be honest he is deeply lonely, as part of his depriving childhood. He has few things he hates, but one thing that manages to bring out his true hatred, and that is arrogance. While he himself remains slightly prideful, he knows he can be beat, and hates when people act as though they are better than anyone else. His true hatred lies within those who are prideful yet cannot back it up. He also hates those who look down on themselves for things others have done to them, or those who overdramatize with the situation. His way of looking at things is, if you have power and interefere, you need experience, if you have power, but manipulate events to better yourself and your allies, you are truly magnificent. He respects intelligence, holding an IQ of 153. He also loves making people feel fear, an odd effect of his powers.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Shikyo
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan, Ems level, control over lightning and fire at different times, and immunity to electricity.
Clan Symbol:
Clan History:

Rank Information
Rank: A ranked Missing Ninja
Village: -

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: He only has Seven Jutsu.
Main: Strategy
Sub: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Lightning.
Special Characteristics: Due to his conflicting chakra, he constantly absorbs chakra from nature, giving him a permanent Sage mode state. This was amplified when he gained the EMS, which also takes up his


Name: Acusine
Type: EMS Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Description: Lightning spills out of Raikatsu's eye, its color is blood red. It is control much like the flames of Amaterasu. He can easily control the lightning and spread it out, being the fact that lightning could travel the earth seven times within a second, it is VERY hard to dodge.

Name: Kudikun
Type: EMS Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Description: This physically changes Raikatsu's body into lightning, allowing him teleportation similar to Madara's, only with lightning esque effects.

Name: Fear Glance
Type: EMS Genjutsu
Rank: A
Element: -
Description: Much like Tsukiyomi, this is a genjutsu unbreakable except to those who have EMS as well. Raikatsu's version can produce two different things in this technique, he can either do the exact same thing as tsukiyomi, or show the victim their worst fear, if they fear nothing, then they will know true pain beyond their wildest imagination.

Name: Dakutso
Type: EMS Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: Time
Description: This is not really a time based jutsu, it is more of a mental jutsu, though classified as Ninjutsu because it is not an illusion. This jutsu can speed up the reaction time of the target, to where a day can equal a year.

Name: Ukuso
Type: EMS Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Description: Using his supreme control of lightning, he supercharges his cells to heal close to any wound that isnt an instant fatal. This is passive.

Name: Stillit
Type: EMS Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Description: While touching someone, Raikatsu can influence their emotional status through neuron pulses. He cannot outright make someone hate their best friend, but he could make then feel embarrassed, or even horny, if he so chooses.

Name: Fukkyu
Type: EMS Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Description: This is the equivilant of the rasengan charged with lightning, though unlike rasengan it is a taijutsu move with lightning chakra placed on key points to nuetralize opponents.

History and Roleplay Sample
Though his childhood is dark and pain filled, it is not due to status as a Jinchuuriki as many would have it. It was actually due to the fact he was adopted by an Uchiha who did not possess the sharingan. Yes a shikyo clan member was adopted by an Uchiha, what are the odds? His upbringing was painful. He lived in a land outside of the ninja nations, called China, it was a land of Samurai ruled by an emporer which had recently raised taxes...

A child was brought before the Emporer, now normally he would have killed such a child, had he not beaten a few of his guards with nothing but a stick that looked like a sword. This intrigued the emporer and scared him at the same time. A child able to do that would either be a great ally or a terrible threat. The child had a scowl and had wolf like teeth, with short spiky red hair, wild and untamed, just like the child. He had red eyes, and looked to be dirt poor, mainly because of his clothes.

"well you have two choices... execution" The emporer said, making the child cringe. "or you could serve me as a guard.... in the future.. I can have a man teach you" He said. For a single moment Raikatsu felt all hate wash away, he was told the emporer was a cruel and inhuman being, not someone willing to make exceptions, and he demanded perfections.

Raikatsu seriously thought about it, maybe serving him wouldnt be so bad right? However he noticed the emporer had something strange in his voice, not hatred but something he had never felt before. Raikatsu was a very observant child and could easily tell the emporer was up to something, his choice was just made. "I'll take the second option" He smirked.

The emporer had expected this and soon Raikatsu met a man, who had strange brown hair and wore a white outfit with strange design to it. His name was Chukya. 'What a strange name' Raikatsu thought being introduced by the emporer. It still amazed Raikatsu to see the man was different than he thought.

And so began Raikatsu's training, Chukya was impressed that a child had that much skill but did not let it go to his head. It was rough and dangerous, but it was well worth it. Raikatsu also made friends during this time, one of which was the emporer's son, well Raikatsu was the only friend in the friendship. The emporer's son was a stuck up holier-than-thou person. He kind of liked Raikatsu, mainly cause he was a stepping stone for him. This Raikatsu noted, as he was a great phsycologist, before the art was even invented.

(15 year skip)

Raikatsu had advanced greatly in the last few years, he was faster and better than any of the emporer's guards. He had not ever been beaten since Chukya died, and the old emporer died with him. It was a mystery even to Raikatsu how they died, but luckily he was not blamed. He was currently discussing things with the new emporer, the old ones son.

"are you sure that we should do this?" Raikatsu asked. The emporer nodded slowly. Raikatsu immediatly knew something was up, but didnt voice it. "alright but bring four guards with us" He said. Raikatsu was now an imposing figure that stood at an astounding 7ft. and his once short hair was longer and went to his shoulders, giving him an even more wolf like look. He now wore a black jacket, a red shirt and black pants. He had indeed changed.

(small time skip)

Raikatsu, The emporer and four other people were heading towards current day japan, hearing rumors that there was an island with civil people. The emporer smirked, everything was going according to his plan.

Raikatsu however knew something was up, but he had no choice to go through with it. He felt nothing as everyone else fell over from the crash onto land, not much of a crash, just a slight jolt that made the ship unmoveable.

They set up camp in a small forest, and rested there, while Raikatsu was up planning. He heard a noise and checked it out, but what he saw pissed him off more than anything before.

Ten Samurai sorounded the camp, and the others were dead, except the emporer. Raikatsu immediatly grabbed his sword and stabbed one right through the neck, a quick death. He took the samurai's sword and held it in a reverse grip, finding it better than his other sword.

Two Samurai had heard him and charged, thinking he would be an easy kill, oh how wrong they were. Raikatsu jumped above them and side flipped, while slashing, killing on of the Samurai, and kicked the other away.

This time Eight samurai charged at him and he blocked most attacks, while taking one hit. He grabbed a blade and pulled it towards him, forsaking the blade he had before. He grabbed the Samurai's head and kneed it, causing the man to bend over, then kicked his stomache, unknowingly breaking it from the inside, causing internal bleeding and death.

He kicked another one, but he grabbed his foot and twisted, surprised when Raikatsu reversed his reverse, by slamming his hands on the ground and doing an upside down spinning kick all around, knocking all but two back.

He grabbed his sword and threw it at one Samurai hard. It peirced him in his eye, killing him. He punched a Samurai and broke his ribs, knocking him out. The Samurai were begining to back off now, all but one were gone now. He grabbed the last one and took his helmet off. Appearently these were not the normal samurai, but this one was, making it a fair fight, which made Raikatsu smile, although he wondered why they didnt wear chest armor.

They bowed to each other, and Raikatsu picked up his original sword. He swung it down on the Samurai, surprised when the samurai's katana didnt break. The Samurai however felt his heels dig into the ground. He was sweating scared of this man infront of him. The emporer was shocked to see Raikatsu able to fight on this kind of level, he had definitely underestimated him.

Finally the katana broke, and Raikatsu's sword went straight through the Samurai, splitting him in two. Raikatsu panted, he'd made his first kill today and was alright with it, knowing he'd chosen his path and they had chosen theirs.

(week time skip)

Raikatsu and the emporer were now in a town that doubled as a port looking for a boat to take them back to China. When they finally found one it was crappy and cheap, as both parties agreed.

On the open sea someone charged out of the deck below, which they had been told was storage. Raikatsu's thoughts were confirmed as the emporer stood by twenty Samurai, all with armor and katanas. Raikatsu sighed in a lazy manner, before slicing an unexpecting Samurai in half. Right before that however a hole appeared in the floor, from his weights, he was surprised he hadnt fallen in but saved that for later.

Four samurai charged him, while the others circled the emporer in a guarding way. Raikatsu narrowly dodged a blade that was close to slicing his head off. He grabbed the Samurai's arm and bent it backwards, make him scream in pain. He the snapped his neck in a quick motion. He knew he didnt have enough time to pull out his sword.

Another samurai from the four kicked at Raikatsu. Raikatsu caught his leg and brought his elbow down on his knee, breaking it backwards as well. Raikatsu through him overboard, and picked up his katana. He threw it at the Samurai guarding the emporer, killing one samurai. He then charged at one and punched him on his nose, sending it inside his brain. He killed a few more before one of the guards came out and sliced at his heart. Raikatsu only had enough to to react by dodging to the side slightly.

His arm fell to hte ground, and he screamed in pain. His red eyes seemed to burn. Before the samurai knew what was going on he was decapitated. Raikatsu was sorounded by samurai, but he threw the katana at the now open Emporer, saying "You lose what I do" as it chopped right through the bone of his arm, making it slowly tear off since skin couldnt hold his arm by itself. Raikatsu fell backwards off the boat and quickly tore his shirt to stop the bleeding from his arm.

A woman named Bokino found him and healed him. He had drifted on her shore. He was on an Island off the coast of Mizugakure. He was healed, but had a small problem, he found out there was another shikyo on the island. This is where the insanity starts. He lost himself to the hunger and hatred and ripped the other shikyo's eyes out, replacing his own with them. Once out of this rage enduced state he realized he had just killed an A rank ninja for power, disgusted by what he had become, he vanished from Mizugakure, but not from the bingo books. He now wanders around Konohagakure, trying to stabilize his insanity, and hopefully find love.

Rp Sample:
Kensei lept from tree to tree, searching for Grimmjow and his followers. Kensei just wanted peace and Grimmjow's group disturbed his peace he needed. Kensei had known that grimmjow would try to take over Hueco mundo, it was rather obvious, otherwise he wouldnt have had to try to get people to join him. Grimmjow may have been captain level in power, but he was stupid, and that was his mistake.

By the Reiatsu Kensei was letting out it was obvious if he found Grimmjow he would kill him. Hollows that would have normally attacked him ran in fear, scared of his power. His reiatsu easily dwarfed even captain levels, not surprising, since he was on par with aizen. Kensei knew that Seiyu would punish him later for acting out of her orders, but he didnt care, grimmjow had been given free will and he abused his abilities beyond forgiveness, it was time for action.

He stopped on a branch, noticing a pressence following him. He could easily deal with it but he didnt care for it right now, he wanted grimmjow dead and soon he would be, by Kensei's hand. It was only a matter of time before Grimmjow became one with the dirt. (from a year ago)

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