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 Hideki, Kira "Mihael"

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Character sheet
Village: Water Country - Mist Village
Rank: S-rank
Elements: Youton, Futton, Suiton, Katon and Doton.

PostSubject: Hideki, Kira "Mihael"   Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:56 pm

Name: Hideki, "Mihael" Kira
Nickname: Hachibi no Kira, Mihael, Kira no Kirigakure
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 05/05
Gender: Male

{Please note he wears a strap like Kisame does to hold his sword}

Personality: Being a loud-mouthed person he looks to be, Mihael is very blunt and ignorant. He isn't much for being kind, and retains a sense of humour, whether others find it funny or not. He is loud whenever he wants and it could even be about something totally random. He even enjoys suggesting sexual themes to women of any age. He is in general, more laid back and cares less about people in general, because of his own reasons. He is also somewhat sarcastic and very brave, and has a strange interest in unique swords. This strange obsession borderlines insanity, and he'll often warn teammates to stand back or restrain him when he spots a very interesting aspect or ability of a sword, even if his opponent could easily kill him, he'd still question about the weapon.

Mihael has a strange obsession with swords. He preferes unique swords with amazing abilities, which strangely enough borders insanity when he can't figure anything out about it. It's an awkard obsession that he doesn't like, somehing that he can't resist. Oddly enough, he worries people will think that his obsession with swords means he is trying to compensate for something. In truth, he just really likes swords. He sometimes tends to drool and be very violent around very powerful swords.

Although Mihael seems like a total ignorant ass, he has another side, as he can be very laid back, but quickly become seriously when the time calls for it. He truthfully possesses a cautious attitude towards life, and can deal with problems very carefully. He is really concered about his comrades, and is truelly loyal to his friends and village.

Rank Information
Rank: Jounin (S)
Village: Kirigakure no Sato

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu.
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Suiton, Katon, Doton, Futton and Youton
Special Characteristics:
Fine Chakra Control





History and Roleplay Sample
Mihael was a quiet young orphan without worry or concern. He was a tough battler, often fending for himself. At this young age, his mentor, the former Mizukage and a former criminal, taught him how to survive. He taught Mihael to use his bloodline abilities to his advantage and survive. He also told Miharl how special he was, possessing two bloodlines. Mihael adored his mentor, idolizing him in secret.

However such a docile and innocent childhood lasted short. Sweet it was for Mihael as he found his makeshift base under attack by the people of Kiri. The hatred towards those who possessed bloodline abilities was still there. It seemed like an endless strife that never ended. It was such a sad burden that Mihael carried after he fled. He left the Land of Water under his teacher's orders. He then proceeded to take refuge with Okunote, an Uchiha who obtained a grand power.

Mihael seen his opporunity and killed Itazuki, although Mihael had no clue Okunote really didn't die and had escaped. Mihael gained nothing from the body, seeing as the eyes had been burned. He then started becoming a mercenary for hire, and began making a fortune for taking people out. He sometimes even had to kill the people who hired him, as his skills in stealth became so great that he had a knack for breaking into Konoha just for tea and never getting caught. Eventually he traveled back to Kirigakure and rejoined them.

He quickly rose though their ranks and even though his history, he was a jounin, albiet purely because of his skills and Bloodline abilities. He also started taking an interest into the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, frenquently found examining their swords. He also left the village in secret plenty of times and never explained himself apon return. This is when he even stopped taking on missions, and started to seem to spy on kirigakure itself and many people suspected Mihael was no different than his past self.

He then seemed to also start taking looks towards the Hunter Ninja and secretly snooping around the files of the shinobi inside Kiri. Many of the villagers felt Mihael should've been stopped, but no action was taken as there was no evidence to prove anything that made Mihael seem like a traitor besides rumours. Even Mihael doubted those rumours despite the truth of the matter. He finally decided he would need to make his move. However his activity returned to normal and people dropped their suspicions.

He later gained ownership over Samahead, something he liked. He then dropped his previous ideals and started to personally work towards the Mizukage's interests. He also began leading the SSotM.

Rp Sample:
(I refuse to post a sample of my rping due to the fact I just don't want to. For more information please access data file 1.009 or Audio file 5.)
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Hattori Yasunaga


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PostSubject: Re: Hideki, Kira "Mihael"   Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:50 pm


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Hideki, Kira "Mihael"
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