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 Imei, Hibiki

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PostSubject: Imei, Hibiki   Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:05 am

Name: Imei, Hibiki
Nickname: Doku Kumo no Hibiki///Hibiki of the Poison Clouds
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 01/01
Gender: Male
Clan: N/a



Clan Information

(please post this separately in Clan Creation also please. your clan won't be approved with your character, it has to be done aside from this)

Clan Name:
Kekkei Genkai: (give us a summary of what your clan's special effects are)
Clan Symbol: (this isn't needed, but it makes your clan unique)
Clan History: (give us information of your clan's back story. how did they come to be? who founded/ who is the current leader of the clan? how many branches of this clan are there? where do they originate from? all of this is what we expect to see in there)

Rank Information
Rank: Akatsuki (S Ranked Shinobi)
Village: [s]Kumogakure no Sato[/s]

Skill Information
Skill Speciality:
Main: Puppetry
Sub: Weaponry
Sub: Medical Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fuuton
Special Characteristics:
Fine Chakra Control
Weapon Master
Puppet Master

History and Roleplay Sample
.:The First Pain:.

.:Hibiki The Quiet is Born:.

.:Hibiki Returns!:.
Rp Sample: I am Leighton.

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PostSubject: Re: Imei, Hibiki   Fri Apr 15, 2011 2:05 pm

Name: Chakra no Meso - Chakra Scalpal
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: N/a
Description: Chakra no Mesu is a special Ninjutsu technique used by medical ninjas. After forming the needed handseals, the ninja will focus chakra to their hands. When their charged hands reach the body of their target, they can extend the chakra internally into the targets body to cut and neatly slice their muscles and blood vessels without harming the surface skin. This technique can be used in battle, but because of its hectic nature, the fine precision required for an instant kill is not feasible. Damage can still be done to the vital organs, but the technique should be used carefully in battle.

Name: Kugutsu no Jutsu - Puppetry Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Element: N/a
Description: Kugutsu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to use a puppet to attack from afar. Using their body's chakra, the ninja emits strings of chakra that run from their fingers to the puppet. The puppet itself can be loaded with many weapons and tools, allowing the puppet master to remain hidden while the puppet moves and attacks the target.

Name: Souen • Hitomi Kokuu - Manipulation Performance • Human Body's Skillful Achievement
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: N/a
Description: Souen • Hitomi Kokuu is a Ninjutsu technique used by puppet master Chiyo. After attaching her puppetry strings to Sakura, Chiyo was able to combine her expert manipulation with Sakura's power and cunning. This combination benefitted both combatants. It allows the puppet master access to a puppet bearing unique skills, like Sakura's strength and allowed Sakura to move more intelligently and skillfully in battle.

Name: Hitokugutsu - Human Puppet
type: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Element: N/a
Description: Hitokugutsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by puppet master Sasori. This technique allows Sasori to make a puppet which can contain and use chakra. Sasori does this by making a living human into a puppet. This puppet will maintain the same chakra its original body held when alive. If the original ninja was highly skilled, its puppet can retain these abilities as well. Even the ninja unique body traits will be passed on to its puppet form. Thus Sasori can still use all the original jutsu the ninja once utilized.

Name: Inyu Shometsu - Secret Healing Injury Destruction
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: N/a
Description: Inyu Shometsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by Kabuto. Focusing his chakra to an area to be hit, he can begin the cell creation process the moment the area becomes injured. This ability to activate his cells and create new ones is the very reason why Orochimaru favored Kabuto's talents.

Name: Karasu Bushin no Jutsu - Crow Clone Technique
Type: Bushinjutsu
Rank: C
Element: N/a
Description: Karasu Bunshin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by Uchiha Itachi. This technique allows Itachi to create a clone composed of crows. The Itachi clone can disperse into multiple crows, which still maintain his consciousness. This allows him to speak and react while in crow form.

Name: Shousen Jutsu - Mystical Palms Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: N/a
Description: Shousen Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by medical ninja. This technique allows the ninja to heal wounds by focusing their own chakra to their hands. If the ninja is highly skilled, they are able to heal more critical injuries. Highly skilled medical-Nins such as Tsunade can use their techniques to perform surgeries that otherwise would not be possible.

Puppets, Poison and Weapons


Name: Atroquinine
Appearance: Clear Liquid
Rank: S
Special Abilities: A manmade poison that has a lethal dose of 0.002 mg. There is a reactor chemical that turns blue in the presence of atroquinine. Atroquinine is slow-acting, so it takes 15 minutes after ingestion to do harm, and it attacks the central nervous system.

Name: Nova 6
Appearance: Yellow Gas kept in a small container.
Rank: A
Special Abilities: Death Withen 10 Seconds due to burning of the skin, and blankening of skin.
Origin: Hibiki obtains this poison from his sources in the BlackMarket.


Name: Double-Edged Tanto
Appearance: In all purposes, the Double-Edged Tanto looks like a regular tanto without a tip, meaning it's simply for cutting.
Rank: B
Special Abilities: The entire blade is covered in a film 0f Atroquinine. This is dangerous because it is a clear liquid.
Origin: Hibiki obtained this from becoming a Chunin.

Name: Puppet Summoning Scroll
Appearance: A black scroll.
Rank: A
Special Abilities: Can summon all of Hibiki's puppets.
Origin: Hibiki obtained this from his sensei.

Name: Hidiki's Puppet Arm
Appearance: A regular hand that can extend four short wooden points to create a shield.
Rank: B
Special Ability: Can block anything B Ranked and under.
Origin: Hidiki required this after fighting an unnamed Uchiha women.


Name: Father
Appearance: A very bland puppet that has three eyes, the third on being closed. It has long brown hair and wears a pristine whte cloak.
Rank: S
Special Abilities: It Possesses a Scimitar in it's right hand, it's third eye acts as a chakra seal, it's left arm acts as a chain that can reach up to 12m.
Origin: Hibiki built this Puppet during his time away from the World.

Name: Child
Appearance: A small puppet, about the size of a 6 years old wearing a white pristine cloak and matching hood. It has an open eye hole that closes when it's special ability activates.
Rank: S
Special Abilities: Child has the ability to place a person under a genjutsu, and during this genjutsu the target's mind can become trapped in the doll, leaving the body open. However the doll is flawed as unless restrained, it can move although it lacks proper arms. It also has two scythes it can attack with it the technique fails. The eye closes when the technique works.
Origin: This is yet another puppet Hibiki built while away.

Name: GrandMother
Appearance: This is the Human puppet Hidiki possesses. It reesembles a very frail and elderly lady that wears a Konohagakure Forehead Protector. She wears a black robe with a matching black poncho.
Rank: A
Special Abilities: Grandmother has the ability to use the Sharingan, as she was an Uchiha. She can unleash Amatersu and Susano'o at the will of Hidiki, albeit her Susano'o can hurt him.
Origin: He obtained GrandMother after he beat an unnamed Jounin from the Leaf Village. Hidiki was forced to replace his left arm with a puppet arm because of her Amaterasu.
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PostSubject: Re: Imei, Hibiki   Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:11 pm

Approved Unless Said Otherwise.

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PostSubject: Re: Imei, Hibiki   

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Imei, Hibiki
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