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 Nadeshiko Hanadansu/ Touketsu Gekido (done)

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PostSubject: Nadeshiko Hanadansu/ Touketsu Gekido (done)   Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:14 pm

Name: Nadeshiko Hanadansu (graceful petal dance) and Touketsu Gekido (Frozen Rage)
Nickname: the Floral Ninja
Age: 17
Date of Birth: July 14th
Gender: Female
Clan: Nadeshiko: Hanadansu Clan

Personality: Nadeshiko is a shy quiet girl that doesnt speak unless spoken to. She is very polite well mannered and respectful to those higher ranking than she. She is very obedient,loyal to her superiors and kind towards others. She is also rather innocent in nature as well as sweet,Open to others and very friendly she gives off an optimistic light that makes people more attracted to her self confidence. Like her name's meaning she is graceful and ladylike.And has a love for flowers, art,kimonos and dancing. Moving swiftly without making a sound. She is caring and willing to help others in need. Though she is slightly timid that changes when she becomes more engrossed into battle. becoming more concentrated and serious as well as determined to win. Though she doesnt like fighting she will if she needs to. Nadeshiko doesnt have the heart to kill defeated opponents but she will if it means the safety of her friends. she doesnt take much pride in her abilities though she doesnt degrade herself just because of ability.

Nadeshiko becomes upset when people mock the culture of dance or art and becomes insulted when others say that she is weak due to her flower based jutsu. Though she isnt easily angered she will become angry if someone causes damage to the people she loves and cares about.

Clan Information

(please post this separately in Clan Creation also please. your clan won't be approved with your character, it has to be done aside from this)

Clan Name: Hanadansu
Kekkei Genkai: The Hanadansu clan has the special ability to shift solid objects like metal,stone and even real flowers and break them apart into millions of pieces that are controlled with chakra that makes them glow a light pink. causing them to look like sakura petals.
Clan Symbol: see the symbol on the fan to the image above.
Clan History:one hundred years ago there was a graceful group of ninja that had abilities to break down metal and use them as weapons in the form of what appeared to be sakura petals that seemed to hold the grace of dance with each movement. One female ninja by the name of Sakura Hanadansu was the one who had originally created the jutsu "kusabana odori" however due to the wars and the destruction of the village due to the nine tails there was only one survivor of the attack. Nadeshiko's grandmother and her grandmother held an infant nadeshiko in her arms.Her grandmother taught Nadeshiko how to use her jutsu before she passed away. leaving Nadeshiko the only living survivor of the Hanadansu clan.
Rank Information
Rank: Jounin
Village:Leaf village

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: Nintaijutsu,
Main: Medical ninjutsu
Sub: Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Special Characteristics:

(please note: use the same template for every jutsu)

(please note: this template is for weapons that are unique to your character. Kunai and Shurikan are standard ninja tools and do not need to be mentioned apart from the amount of these items that you have)

Name: Metal Fans
Appearance: See the fan that the image holds above. she has one for each hand.
Rank: (this may not exceed the rank of your character, remember)
Special Abilities: Nadeshiko uses these fans for both close range combat and long range by throwing them.She can control the movements of her fans with her chakra.They look like fragile dance fans however they are just as lethal as any blade and when thrown they spin like chainsaws. cutting through hard objects like trees, and stone when powered by chakra.
Origin: Nadeshiko was given these fans by her grandmother when she was at the age of four years old. where she was trained in almost dance like movements.

History and Roleplay Sample
Nadeshiko was born into the graceful clan of the hanadasu. once a noble clan that was well known for their fighting style that came with the grace of dance. However almost the entire clan was wiped out by the attack from the nine tailed fox. The two soul survivors of the clan being infant Nadeshiko and her grandmother that had hid them in a safe place until the nine tails was sealed.

Nadeshiko's grandmother raised her and at the age of four she was taught the basics before learning the Kekki genkai of their clan. Nadeshiko was taught to dance with fans. At first the kids that lived around her home place made fun of her and insulted her dancing by saying that dancing was weak and girly and not of the ninja way.However they were wrong. when Nadeshiko was able to master the basic steps of each gesture and swipe.

Her grandmother then taught her the true power behind the dance. she threw two kunai into the air and with one graceful sideways sweep of her hand the kunai's broke apart and scattered. glowing pink with the chakura that held them together into a swarm of what seemed to look like petals from the cherry blossoms.

Nadeshiko did the same, concentrating the movements of her body with the scattered bits of metal held by chakura. Slowly but surely moving them to her control.her grandmother was proud that she was able to teach nadeshiko so much in such little time...

Though the accomplishment that nadeshiko felt faded for the next day she found her grandmother lifeless in her bed with a small smile on her face. Nadeshiko spent that day mourning for her deceased grandmother before burring her.

she was now the only survivor of the hanadansu clan. she was now all alone. She was now six years old at the time. she had to learn how to take care of herself. Though it was hard because the neighborhood children would harass her constantly and break down her confidence.

Each day she let it happen and let it happen until one day one of the boys insulted the pride of her clan. a nerve broke and nadeshiko lost her temper. Causing every single metal object in the area to break apart into pieces and swirl around her area. Everyone witnessed this in awe and fear.

Realizing what she was doing she stopped her attack instantly and fell to her knees.A jounin who had witnessed this grew interested in her abilities and became her new teacher and guardian. She enrolled Nadeshiko into the academy where she studied hard, got along well with her fellow classmates and trained day and night.

At the age of ten Nadeshiko was a straight A student, she did well in ninjutsu,taijutsu,medical ninjutsu and nintaijutsu. she even did well without jutsu and her involvement with others was a plus as well though she struggled with genjutsu.

Then came the Chuunin exams. Nadeshiko was nervous and unsure of herself. Her sensei continued to train her day and night for an entire week until finally it was time for Nadeshiko to prove herself worthy of moving on to the next level.

Nadeshiko went to the forest of death by herself with no teammates. This was difficult since it made her an easy target. Creatures attacked her including other teams. She managed to avoid them and kill many of the creatures that came her way and she patched up her injuries.

Then came the paper test. Instead of cheating. Nadeshiko already knew many of the answers and passed the test swiftly. so that none would be able to copy her in time before she turned it in. then came the last step. the arena.

Nadeshiko had to face off with one of her most strongest and the most cruel classmate that she had went to the academy with. His power lay in brute strength and instinct. his problem was that he lacked speed and common sense.

Nadeshiko engaged in combat with him. wits and grace against muscle and brutality. It went on for half an hour until finally she found an opening in his side and took it. channeling her chakura into her leg she swung up and sharply kicked him in the chest and ribcage. breaking his ribs and causing internal damage to his organs. he vomited blood and collapsed in a heap. The medical ninja took him away while they declared Nadeshiko the winner.

she gave the wounded opponent flowers and awaited for her test results to come in and when it did shock silenced the room. Nadeshiko was one of the most gifted of the class of course lower ranked compared to other students yet she was one of the best. passing all the way to jounin level.

Nadeshiko had become the youngest Jounin member at the age of 14. She went on dangerous missions and came back with success her sensei was proud of her and her confidence was built. her abilities and beauty were well known and she became one of the most respected jounin leveled ninja in the leaf village.

Though not everything was day the leaf village was invaded by a rogue ninja by the name of raikatsu Shikyo who was looking for the strongest of ninja to join him. he found her and demanded that she join him. she refused and attempted to attack him though she was restrained then knocked out.

She was seventeen years old when she got kidnapped from her village.

Rp Sample: oh what do we have here? Asmodeus said in a playful tone as he stood over a weak spirit with small traces of demonic energy.she was trembling in the corner,staring at him with her large yellow eyes.Asmodeus knelt.a smirk on his lips.oh come now there's no need to be afraid of me...after all I won't kill you.... the female looked up to him with a trace of hope in her eyes she then slowly accepted his outstreched hand. Wrong move on her part.Asmodeus pulled her forward and bit down on her neck.draining her blood and her soul.he could feel her strength pour into him.the female screamed loudly in agnony.her screams where delicious.but sadly the lovely screams didn't last long for she fell limp on the ground as soon as the last drop of her strength and blood where gone.Asmodeus chuckled and wiped the blood off his lips.He heard about the demon meeting and headed over to it.he was tall,6'4 with a lean yet muscular frame.his hair was blond with his bangs covering his left eye.his eyes where a beautiful light green that seemed to shine in the light.he wore a black long sleeve button up shirt with a white one underneath,the buttons where undone to reveal his collar bone and a golden coin that hung around his neck with a black ribbon.he wore black gloves.dress pants and shoes.on his neck was a rose that was on fire.marking him as the embodiment of lust. Asmodeus stopped walking for a minute and grinned mischievously.he didn't feel like being seen in his male appearance.with a quick snap of his fingers.his appearance changed completely from a dashing young man to a beautiful woman.she was petite standing only 5'3 yet she had a curvy figure and E cup size breasts.her skin was a lovely cream peach color with her soft long blond hair pulled back into a loose ponytail with a black ribbon.she wore a long black dress with floral patterns on split at her sides showing off her legs and she didn't have any shoes.her lips where full and shell pink and her eyes where a soft pink with the pupils slitted.she walked gracefully through hell's hallways.a slight frown appeared on her lips.meeting where boring but they had to be attended if she wanted the soul society to be destroyed.a smile appeared on her lips then as she finally made it to the meeting.sorry if I'm late.... Kohaku said in a soft seductive tone that she always had.Asmodeus was...busy again,you know how it goes she finished with a giggle that sounded like music.everyone knew that Kohaku was apart of Asmodeus however she was more different in personality to everyone's slight relief.Kohaku was also Asmodeus's main attraction.therefore she was made to be more attractive than any woman that ever existed and had an aura that could lure pretty much anyone to her much more easily than Asmodeus himself.he also used her to escape meetings which Kohaku beat him senseless for.Kohaku then took a seat with Envy on her left and Amon on her right.she crossed her legs and rested her hands rested on her lap.she gave a light smile to the group of male demons and sighed softly. As she waited for Lucifer to begin.
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Raikatsu Shikyo


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PostSubject: Re: Nadeshiko Hanadansu/ Touketsu Gekido (done)   Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:41 pm

no shifting humans, approved

Animal Path: Nadeshiko
Asura Path: -
Deva Path: Raikatsu Shikyo
Naraka Path: Fu Tenma
Preta Path: Kanji Shikyo
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Nadeshiko Hanadansu/ Touketsu Gekido (done)
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