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 The Call to the Sand

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PostSubject: The Call to the Sand   Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:25 pm

Five Days Later

Watari tredded carefully as he approached the Administration Building of the village. The foreign moniteration squad back at the entrance gates gave him some trouble and wasted alot of precious time. That made Watari wonder if they knew who he was, but that dosen't matter. He was not ordered to search and destroy by the Kazekage nor to kill all obstacles. But that is takened cared of, and now he is in the streets of Iwagakure. The village was a busy and bustling place, as it had a strong military and economy. There were vast lands of ground, earth, and rock. But from his distance, he could clearly see the Tsuchikage's Mansion, possibly from anywhere due to its high altitude. He tried to mask his clothing to match that of a Iwa resident but he couldn't quite pull it off, and his failed facade attracted attention to him. He kept on walking. He had no trust. He did not trust or place his faith in any of these foreign Kages a bit. They were all liars and decievers to Watari. What if one of them were allied to the Akatsuki? After all, in the past, the Akatsuki was a mercenary organization for hire and it is likely that one village has even gotten more closer to them through a secret alliance. If so, then the summit and the future of the shinobi are in grave danger. Even so, Watari had no doubt that he will make it back to the village alive and intact. He will not ask if any of the Kages will show up. Failure to do so would mean they have an economic crisis or they have bonds with the Akatsuki, the latter being most suspicious. He entered the Tsuchikage's Mansion and up the stairs, where he asked one of the workers where the Office was. That was fairly easy, and he now stood at the door. Watari just opened the door and into the office. "Lord Tsuchikage?" asked Watari. "Good evening, I'm Watari, and I'm a messenger from the Sand Village. I was instructed by the Kazekage to call you to a meeting that will be held. Here's the invitation." And he gave the Tsuchikage the letter that Watari himself composed:

Dear Almighty Kage of this Wonderful Village,

You've been invited to an all-Kage Summit by Lord Kazekage Yamato Sosei. The conference will take place in the Sand Village and when you arrive there, you'll be escorted to the designated meeting location. The summit will take place four days from now. We hope you can come and join us!

"Please read it through and I will answer whatever questions you have that I can," said Watari, as one foot turned towards the door to begin his immediate departure...
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PostSubject: Re: The Call to the Sand   Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:54 pm

As was always the case when Kodora was in his office he was doing paperwork. The thankless chore that no one ever really thought about or appreciated. Today he was quite convinced that paperwork had been created for the sole purpose of torturing him. To make matters worse he'd run out of milk and fish, meaning he didn't even have his usual catty snacks to make things bearable. To make matters worse he wasn't getting his usual desire to take a nice catnap. Naturally he refused to believe that this was because he had not had his normal glass of warm milk and perfectly roasted fish. Clearly someone was trying to torture him with a genjutsu.

Just what particular form was the Tsuchikage looking over when Watari entered the room? Why a bill on explosive notes, how wonderfully EXCITING!! So when the stranger entered the room Kyattsuai practically jumped on the distraction, at least mentally. From a physical standpoint he looked up disinterestedly, eyes lidded. He took the letter impassively and read it, so a Kage Summit eh? Probably had to do with that damned Akatsuki's resurrection. If that was the case he would definitely be going, he hated Akatsuki with a passion, that being largely due to actually being a jinchuuriki himself. He held in his body the two tailed cat.

"No questions, you may leave, and please inform the Kazekage that I will be attending the Summit."
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The Call to the Sand
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