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 Narrowed it down but haven't quite figured it out...

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Which clan should I use? (read topic first)
Rakan (Sealing Eye clan)
 75% [ 3 ]
sokeizaisangyou(Weapon Forging clan)
 25% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4


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PostSubject: Narrowed it down but haven't quite figured it out...   Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:00 pm

Hello all! Recently I have begun formulating ideas for a second character, and I have narrowed it down to two clan ideas for this person, both would be Kirigakure. Because I can't decide between the two I thought I'd ask the rest of you which one you guys thought was better, because I'm an indecisive little prick.

The first clan is the Rakan, their kekkei genkai is that their right eyes (and only the right eye) is born engraved with a unique pentagram seal. They can use this eye to seal opponents in a variety of ways, from sealing off the use of a single limb to sealing the mind off from the body. They could even place a seal on doors to make them harder to break open. However, the weakness is that they can only maintain one seal at a time, meaning they'd be vulnerable to multiple opponents, and would have to be careful which seal they use. Obviously the seals created are temporary.

The second clan is the Sokeizaisangyou clan. These guys can use their chakra to form weapons, everything from immediately turning a small metal cube into a fully forged shuriken, or creating a powerful weapon such as Samehada. However, while weaker weapons like shuriken and kunai, or weapons that have no special properties(As in they only use physical traits with no chakra usage at all) weapons with chakra require the forger to permanently give up a portion of their power to create the weapon. However, there are very secret and very forbidden jutsu that allow the user to use someone else's soul to forge the weapon, and even a technique for forging a device to hold someone's soul for later use.

So, you guys decide which would be the better clan to make, because honestly I can't decide between the two and would gladly use either one.
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PostSubject: Re: Narrowed it down but haven't quite figured it out...   Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:15 pm

Both good clans. Bravo. The wepon clan has a great mind for making wepons in fighting. But the sealing jutsu is where its at. Keep up the good clans. Smile
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Narrowed it down but haven't quite figured it out...
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