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 Touketsu Gekido (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Touketsu Gekido (W.I.P)   Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:34 pm

Name: Touketsu Gekido
Nickname: snow queen
Age: 20
Date of Birth: July 14
Gender: Female
Clan: Gekido clan


touketsu is a petite woman with a small frame yet curvy figure. She is five feet and four inches tall in height. her long black hair is usually either worn down or tied back in a loose bun with her bangs framing her face. Her eyes are a deep dark sapphire blue. Her skin is supple and creamy. her outfit consists of a sleeveless black gown with red white highlighted clouds patterned over it. the dress splits at the thighs to reveal her long slender legs. she wears thigh high black boots with her headband tied around her thigh and long black gloves.

Personality: Seductive, manipulative and quite the actress. Touketsu can act out multiple personalities that would be found most appealing to the person she is with at the moment. Socially shes gifted. Fluent in the language of body and facial expressions.Once the target has fallen into her trap they are hers. Though Sexual in nature she also holds other natures that are similar to her fellow comrades. She lusts for control over the people she seduces. In battle she lusts for the blood of her enemies. she is sadistic, finding it amusing and arousing to hear the screams of her foe in her hands. Masochistic as she enjoys the physical pain inflicted on her. So much that she tends to become more excited rather than weakened.

she appears to be quite charming and optimistic. She is also teasing and sarcastic especially around her comrades. she is also rather laid back and level headed.Though she is very serious at times as well as quite cold. She is merciless when it comes to battle and when she is bored she likes to make her kills either quick and painless or slow and painful.

Touketsu doesnt really care about the well being of enemy ninja and considers them as old toys that need to be thrown away. She could give less of a damn on what people think of her and she doesnt care either. she looks down on other ninja that are beneath her rank status and likes to break them down emotionally before doing so physically. She also has a quick temper and also a violent side that will not hesitate to strike out if thats what it takes to get her point across.

She finds perverted men amusing and constantly takes advantage of them as well as women. She considers herself to be straight with a bi curious tendency. She likes to tease both men and women alike and loves it when they blush. She also is found of torture through bondage and cutting.

Though despite her dark nature she has a somewhat softer side. She treats her female subordinates with a bit more respect than men and she loves small cute animals. she loves art and music and likes to relax in springs as well as drink and dress up to the occasion.

Clan Information

(please post this separately in Clan Creation also please. your clan won't be approved with your character, it has to be done aside from this)

Clan Name:
Kekkei Genkai: (give us a summary of what your clan's special effects are)
Clan Symbol: (this isn't needed, but it makes your clan unique)
Clan History: (give us information of your clan's back story. how did they come to be? who founded/ who is the current leader of the clan? how many branches of this clan are there? where do they originate from? all of this is what we expect to see in there)

Rank Information
Rank: (this means whether you are an Academy Student, Genin, Chuunin, Jounin etc. we suggest that you start with a Genin or Academy Student to start off with)
Village: (Where your character is from)

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: (this is where you state what specialities your character have. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Puppetry, Medical Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu are all forms of this)
Elemental Affinity: (what element are your jutsus? Katon, Raiton, Douton, Suiton or Fuuton?)
Special Characteristics: (these abilities are unique to your character. we allow things like a longer stamina, or slightly more nimble than other ninja *please note: there has to be a reason for being like this*)

(please note: use the same template for every jutsu)

Type: (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu ect)
Rank: (Genin are allowed up to C rank jutsu, Chuunin B ranked, Jounin A ranked etc)
Element: (the elemental affinity of the jutsu- please note that this has to associate with the user's affinity)
Description: (provide a very detailed description of your jutsu. for instance, how it is used in spars, what the range is, any after effects etc)

(You can also use Canon jutsu from the list also found in Character Creation)

(remember: only S ranked characters may have their own style. all other characters must have an approved style or none until they can learn it)

Type: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu etc)
Rank: (Genin are allowed up to C ranked styles, Chuunin B ranked, Jounin A ranked ect)
Element: (the elemental affinity of the style- again, this must correspond with one of the character's affinity/ies)
Description: (give us a very descriptive evaluation of how the style is set up, what the performance is and what the result is. also, please include why someone would actually use this style)

(please note: this template is for weapons that are unique to your character. Kunai and Shurikan are standard ninja tools and do not need to be mentioned apart from the amount of these items that you have)

Appearance: (provide a detailed insight of how the weapon looks like. a picture would help, but it is not needed)
Rank: (this may not exceed the rank of your character, remember)
Special Abilities: (if the weapon is special in any way, provide how it is here)
Origin: (give us the history of this weapon, how your character received it and if any modifications were made to this weapon. everything counts)

History and Roleplay Sample
(provide a detailed account of your character's history, so we can know why they became who they are today. please seperate these stages of their life into 'arcs', so that Mods find it a lot easier to follow. example: Pre-Academy Arc, Academy Arc, Genin Arc.)

Rp Sample:
(give us a roleplay sample to prove your writing skills. you may copy other roleplays from other sites if you please. the higher rank of the character you make, the longer this will need to be. the standard of roleplay given here, must be lived up to)
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Touketsu Gekido (W.I.P)
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