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 Kuzuri (the wolverine) Kaguya (WIP)

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Soren Hyuga


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PostSubject: Kuzuri (the wolverine) Kaguya (WIP)    Sun Apr 24, 2011 6:42 pm

Name: Kuzuri Kaguya
Nickname: the Wolverine
Age: Unknown, but defiantly over 100
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Clan: Kaguya


-The Human side-
The "human" side of Wolverine is considered to be very wise. Although he has no memory of his past; other than the recent 100 years, he has studied all types of subjects. From history, to philosophy, all styles of combat and jutsu, and even medical-jutsu. He loves to smoke and drink on a regular basis, and loves a good party. Even though most would consider him a "wild animal" at best, those who know him personally would tell you that he is a kind and quiet person. He has the same philosophy as Naruto, in the way the he views innocent life. He does everything in his power to protect those he loves. Although not much of a city guy, he loves to go fishing, hunting, and loves to farm when he can. His total wealth would rival that of several villages, for he is also a wise buisness man and is very suave when it comes to politics; however he hates dealing with them for the most part.

-The Animal side-
The "animal" side of Wolverine is quite different. When pushed to the limits of his patients, he will go into a state similar to that of a vicious wolverine; hence the nick name. He doesn't show this side of him very often, but on the rare occasion he does, nothing in his way will be left standing. This state is similar to how Naruto is when he is in his tails state. Although mad with anger, Wolverine can still control himself for the most part. He wont attack innocent people or engage an enemy without thinking. Even in this state of rage, Wolverine can still think tactically like Shikamaru.

Clan Information

Rank Information
Rank: S
Village: Kumo

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: Taijutsu & Kenjutsu mix; Medical Ninjutsu
Main: Taijutsu/Kenjutsu
Sub: Medical Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Raiton
Special Characteristics:
-Regeneration: The Kaguya clan kkg allowed them to regenerate the wounds that occurred when they used their bone techniques, but for some reason; Wolverine's regeneration has mutated well past that and into the range of similar to what someone who had Impure World Resurrection used on them. Although their is one weakness to this, but due to Meta Gaming purposes; I will not state it. PM me if you need to know for approval purposes.
-Indestructible Bones: The Kaguya clan can could harden their bones to be harder than steel. With Wolverine, however; his bones are so hard that they cannot be broken, cut, or scratched by any material. His bones are also immune to extreme heat, for not even Amatsuru can burn them. This density makes his body about 100lbs heavier than a normal person of his size and mass.
-Toxin, Poison, Viral, and Bacterial Immune: Due to his regeneration, Wolverine is immune to any toxin, poison, virus, or bacteria that would seek to harm his body in any way.
-Genjutsu resistant and any other mind altering stuff: Due to his regeneration and animal like nature; no genjutsu (or anything else that messes with your brain) below S ranked will effect him. Even then, it will only act as if it were C ranked.
-Near Limitless Stamina(Chakra as well): Due to his regeneration; Wolverine is immune to the toxin produced by his body that causes muscle fatigue. This also allows his charka to be regenerate just as quickly as his body does. This also makes the gentle fist art ineffective against him; for as soon as his chakra point is struck; it will heal itself.
-Strength: Due to the mass of his bones due to the density of them; Wolverine is extremely strong. His strength would rival that of "A".
-Speed: Even though he is weighed down, Wolverine's speed is similar to that of Rock lee with his first gate open and his weights off.
-8 Gates: Although using the 8 gates does hurt him, he will never die from using them. Not even from using all 8. If he were to use the 8th and final gate, he would simply pass out after the fight was over; although he still feels the pain when using them, and if he does use the 8th gate; he will pass out for several days.



Type: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu etc)
Rank: (Genin are allowed up to C ranked styles, Chuunin B ranked, Jounin A ranked ect)
Element: (the elemental affinity of the style- again, this must correspond with one of the character's affinity/ies)
Description: (give us a very descriptive evaluation of how the style is set up, what the performance is and what the result is. also, please include why someone would actually use this style)

(please note: this template is for weapons that are unique to your character. Kunai and Shurikan are standard ninja tools and do not need to be mentioned apart from the amount of these items that you have)

Appearance: (provide a detailed insight of how the weapon looks like. a picture would help, but it is not needed)
Rank: (this may not exceed the rank of your character, remember)
Special Abilities: (if the weapon is special in any way, provide how it is here)
Origin: (give us the history of this weapon, how your character received it and if any modifications were made to this weapon. everything counts)

History and Roleplay Sample
(provide a detailed account of your character's history, so we can know why they became who they are today. please seperate these stages of their life into 'arcs', so that Mods find it a lot easier to follow. example: Pre-Academy Arc, Academy Arc, Genin Arc.)

Rp Sample:
(give us a roleplay sample to prove your writing skills. you may copy other roleplays from other sites if you please. the higher rank of the character you make, the longer this will need to be. the standard of roleplay given here, must be lived up to)
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Kuzuri (the wolverine) Kaguya (WIP)
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