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 Orange Lotus :: Kaigen Shikyo

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PostSubject: Orange Lotus :: Kaigen Shikyo   Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:17 pm

OOC: I will completely rewrite the whole app, but right now I am working on it so I do hope you accept this. It says Renji and probably other names because I just put some stuff together. The real one is coming, but it will be a while.

Kaigen Shikyo
-Orange Flash
-Orange Lotus
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: June 15
Gender: male
Clan: Shikyo

The fast Gennin tall and very skinny looking. But in reality if you take the clothes off you would see a very low class muscular body on Renji, he have a very average and normal attire, he have no scars or anything on his face, he shows a more toned body color, completely not pale what's so ever, no ear rings or any piercing on or in his body. Witch involves his clothing to be black, but his hair is highly spiky and it’s a sort of dark orange. His round head, but his eye color strangely matches his hair color. Eyes are more wide then longer. Small mouth, nose, and ears. He has a black net shirt used for his undershirt apparently, which is commonly used with other ninjas its long sleeve so it go to his stomach and all the way to the lower risk of his arms. His over and final shirt is a more robe, a black robe go down to his crouch. It’s black, but on the neck area it’s white. Moving lower on his body, he has a belt that ties the robe type shirt up. The shirt is long sleeve as well which is what he uses to slide his chakra disruptive blades out of his sleeves; he wears black hunter pants, with normal sandals.

Kaigen Shikyo is a straight forward man. There is not much is quiet said about Kaigen, Kaigen around people he doesn’t know usually is quiet unless spoken too which is why he usually doesn’t have problems with anyone. Pride for his friends, peers, and clan grows very deep. He is not hot blooded like his other clansmen, he is quite cold blooded, that is one thing that the whole clan wondered about him. But he doesn’t let other peoples opinion break what ever he has going along. He is a very knowledgeable person, who

Rank Information
Rank: Rouge Ninja S-Ranked
Village: Kumogakure No Sato

Skill Information
Skill Speciality:
Main: Ninjutsu - Genjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Primary: Raiton
Special Characteristics:
Short summary:
Kaigen can conduct and expell Orange colored flames, they are just alittle more hotter then usual fire and the burning last longer, he is uneffected by the Orange flames. He can Block SOME A-rank fire jutsu depending on the jutsu, and Absorb SOME B-Ranked jutsu and under. He is able to preform fire jutsu with ease, and usage of fire technique is cut by less then a half.

He had been trained in the art of Sensory, how to look at everything and to listen and smell and gave him the power of sense. With that he is able to sense all sorts of chakras from around him, he can absorb it. But that’s only if a RECENT jutsu has been preformed. He is able to track chakra traces as well as his pretty good sight and hearing. With all three of those he is capable of becoming a tracking ninja; he picks up things really quick.He can feel a person’s aura they linger with them; his sensory skills are also used to help predict his opponent’s techniques and movements which makes him a even more skilled ninja.

Chakra Usage-
Kaigen had been working with this skill for years since he was like 15. He finally was able to do it, this skill allows him to be able to preform a jutsu and cut the chakra usage in half.

And very fast.
Next post

(remember: only S ranked characters may have their own style. all other characters must have an approved style or none until they can learn it)

History and Roleplay Sample
In a Unknown location a child was born, but this wasn’t any child. A special child that is very important to the world in many ways, he was the heir to his clan. Successor and destined for greatness, but there were something special about him that made him different from everyone else. He was born with Golden Chakra, his twin brother Kurokon Shikyo was raised by his family and bearly ever seen him. He was raised by the strongest of the clan himself; it was a highly great honor to be in the same presence as the strongest most deadly members of the clan and not to be executed by him. He was a father to him, because of it he was given a choose to skip the ninja academy and go straight training. He didn’t quite liked people, so he chose to train under him while in the academy. Kaigen called him Hoji for some strange reason. Kaigen went from age 2 walking to age 7 walking onto water, his training begin to get harder. After showing great skills he was graduated into the Kumogakure no Sato, as a Cloud Village Shinobi.

Getting there: {Gennin Arc Part One}
They begin traveling the world making his training more realistic, once there he was then assigned by Hoji to steal certain things from rouge groups and run getting away from them. This training session increased his speed and Reaction time as well as using his environment greatly. It showed him how to control the problem and mold it into his own making his own past, being able to concentrate while in the rush of attacks. Once 9 his speed was pass anyone who dared tried to run from him, that’s when he begin to work on defense, and that’s when it got hard. He was barraged with all kinds of techniques. Then Hoji came up with a idea for him that might work, he realized if used his speed it would be nothing he couldn’t evade or dodge. With a thought like that in mind he begin to train in dodging, with that thought of training at age 11 he was able to dodge nearly anything that comes in his path, that was his defensive style along with sensory abilities.

The escape: {Gennin Arc Part Two}
Hoji sent him on his own once he showed him how the blades work and how Renji would be able to use them to his advantage, Renji is able to after using the blades is able to absorb the chakra its disturbing with was good. Something even Hoji was not able to do, first stop for Renji alone was Grass village for some strange reason. He wanted to attack some Gennin to see how far he would be able to make by doing so. Once there he waited in the outskirts until a team of Gennin were spotted by Renji, using this for marksmanship he lunched a blade at him catching him in his shoulder tagging him into a tree, then Renji appeared on the blade showing a more evil look on him. The rest ran, he moved in to catch them. They got a few more meters before stopping due to Renji being in front of them showing that they were not going to get away with running. In a instant he attacked them but then did not kill them, went back to the Gennin stuck to the tree and absorb the chakra from him until he begin to be pale. Then made his departure, from the area while being chased by ANBU of the grass. Enjoying the chase until he realized that they were gaining on him moving into a random town forcing them to lose there trail. Traveling until he found himself in the land of Rice fields. With that he was ambushed, He was captured and experimented by the Sound village Leader, the Fuuinjutsu master of the village accidentally split his chakra up into 3 different groups making it small. He didn’t notice it until the Sound village leader assistant explained it to him. Then they decided to use his Kekkai Genkai for power. So they infused more chakra into his chakra groups all equal. Meaning he was a Gennin with three more times chakra then a normal Gennin. After about a year or 2 he was broken free. Sent back to a village, training became different. His former sensei was no longer around. He was sent into the chuunin exams, luckily he was able to learn a lot of Lightning elemental techniques and such or he would not have been able to make it the first round, passing the written exams using his traveling experiencing. Second round is to face a Gennin in combat. Giving him a Traveling permit allowing him to travel anywhere in the world when he please under the Hidden haze leader permission.

Round One:
The area was inside the hidden leaf village, he was able to gain both the scrolls by himself. Almost all of the jounin there were impressed by his skills. By him training outside the village he is given a lot better style of training making him a better selection for a new chuunin. This time, he choose to use straight Taijutsu and Ninjutsu for this test. In the small stadium, it was just shinobi’s and Medical ninjas there. Ninjas of every village were there to become a chuunin. A very important shinobi of their village, to everyone else at least. As he looked at the bunch of Gennin, a lot of them looked like cocky power hungry kids, but with his training comes knowledge. Wearing his normal attire of black, he stood on the sidelines along with the rest of the spectators but he felt unprotected due to him not having a sensei with him then after the first round was over some small kid with a large hammer won, then before the second round went off sounds were heard and Hoji appeared behind Renji silently. But his Reactions were to good to look stupid in front of everyone. Swinging his right arm backwards knowing his sensei would block it, his arm clashed with Hoji right arm, and once everyone blinked Renji whole action changed. His right leg clashed with his left arm then landing back on the ground staring at his sensei standing straight. It seem like everything stopped, even the hokage knew who Renji sensei was. After a little talking and reminding, they turn forward to watch the second round. After the second round was over, people were starting to enjoy the battles that were happening. Renji looked at the fighting grounds and took a large sigh. Thinking who ever his opponent was or will be, it would either be a quick match or a drag on. Not noticing the board for the two Gennin that’s going to face off. He was looking at his arms and all of a sudden he looked again at the stadium to see a guy with straight grey on, he looked to the wall with a dull and more bored face on him until he saw his name bold in print ”Renji Tenryu” Vs “Gento Shicco” . This would mean he had to fight the mad down there. Then closing his eyes for a moment as the room was silent, he was stared at from nearly everyone, the rest was staring at his opponent who seemed to be looking at Renji with a more determined face on him. A jounin appeared behind Hoji, telling him that his student luck as ran out. He was facing the most deadliest Gennin in all the minor nations. Hoji, told him “I wouldn’t go underestimating him if I were you, he’s almost as strong as I were when I was a chuunin” The jounin grumbled a few words before moving to a different area. Renji nodded to his sensei. Leaping beginning the jump with a frontal flip landing on his feet feeling the ground, the dust dance through the air as he was focusing on his opponent as he moved closer in the middle of the ring scanning his opponent and his surroundings. “It won’t matter how careful you are…you won’t win” spoke his opponent in a bit of a cold voice ”I can promise you that” saying to Renji as he raise his left arm with his blade in his hand. Remembering his sensei’s words”Either your all talk….or you’re a skilled fighter…if that’s the case” said Renji getting low”Then this should get fun…”, Gento sighed a bit “that will be determined in this fight” Everyone heard the chuunin instructor start the match and then Gento appeared behind Renji with amazing speed, but it was no where near enough and his time reaction and reflexes were always on top so he pretended as if he was amazed. Gento swung his blade from left to right to take Renji head off, but his whole attack was stopped by Renji ducking then using his arms for support kicked Gento in the chest sending him flying into the air as he flipped forward landing on his feet. Gento was flexible enough to flip and land on the ceiling. Looking up at Gento, he pulled out a kunai and leap forward as Gento dropped down and once they got close they clashed once there blades made contact Renji grabbed his arm doing a back flip placing his feet on his chest they begin to go downward, but then they begin to spin and both threw each other backwards as they both landed on the ground staring at each other. Gento begin running towards Renji not giving him a second to breath, Renji got ready for what ever attack was coming towards him until he saw a kunai coming straight for him and then Gento body completely vanished from sight until Renji could feel him appearing above him. Side stepping to the right he jumped back, Gento came down with a powerful slash that caused dust to fly through the air, sliding through the dust is Renji in a low position. Once the dust cleared the area a large crater was exactly where Gento stood firm. Slamming his hands together a small yellow ball the size of a fly appeared behind him, and begin to grow bigger through all the chakra into the air that’s always been used due to careless Gennin trying to prove to everyone else who’s the best. Running towards Gento while his hands are still together to throw him off, once he got close Gento swung his blade hitting Renji, then again Renji using a replacement technique replaced himself with a log with an explosion tag on it. Exploded right in front of him as the crowd is wowed by the actions being displayed in front of them. Looking into the cloud of smoke waiting to see what happened. The ball have gotten pretty big at this point, everyone can notice it. Renji who was above everything dropped inside of the smoke knowing his opponent was still alive most of his shirt and pants where blown and burned but he used some technique to reduce the damage. Landing on the ground determined to finish this fight. Then the smoke cleared and mist was created through the whole area, from the crowd stadium, you could hear at first they thought Renji was going to lose, but from the skills shown they think he is able to succeed in this fight. They could hear the sounds of battle, but unsure of what’s going on. Only ones with Doujutsu and abilities like that can see and know what they are doing. All of a sudden a sound of a summoning was being made, Renji kicked him three times. Forcing Gento to drop his weapons and he pulled out a scroll after getting up from Renji fearless attacks. Renji stood firm waiting for his opponent move, his sensei was quiet interested in how his student was doing. “Ninja Art: Bloody Blade Barrage” is what Gento screamed, everyone could hear it. Gento Sensei smirked looking at Hoji. The hidden mist jutsu deactivated to see Renji jumping back as an incredibly large amount of Blades came out of the scroll to kill Renji. Renji was planning on dodging them but when they were coming in every direction he knew he would need something else. He landed on the ground only to see 50 Blades coming for him faster then the other ones, jumping again dodging them and that’s when they went top speed. Then his Golden chakra activated and formed a shield around him as he closed his eyes and braced himself. When he opened his eyes all of the blades were laying on the ground and the Golden chakra went inside his body and he was standing on the ground as he realize Gento was not done and he was determined to win ”There is no way in hell I’m going to lose to you…….DIE” Shouted the killer as he ran up on a large beheading sword trying to slice Renji in half, Renji leaped into the air, then Gento threw the large sword a man couldn’t pick up at him and he missed and it landed impaled in the ceiling. Renji grabbed on to it adding Lightning chakra into it, he dropped from the ground only to see Gento jumping pass him, reaching he grabbed the sword. He got a hold of it. As Renji hit the ground, he looked at the lightning ball to see it was more then ready. ”I’m going to finish you off even if I have to destroy this whole stadium to do it…..” Preparing to launch his final attack but it was a problem. His arm was stuck to the blade, he couldn’t move his arm. ”You are a really skilled fighter…..but It seems I’m more skilled…I win” The Lightning ball went straight to the sword paralyzing him. He won the round, with everyone around him stuck.

Time Skip:
After the chuunin exams, he passed with flying colors. He was in the semi-finals of the final rounds of the exams when he was tied to some taijutsu expert. But he was promoted to chuunin anyway for battle tactics and the ability to make his opponent tire before he did. As a chuunin his missions were a lot easier to him due to his “rouge training” experience. He was placed in the sensor squad of the hidden haze village. His training with rose through the roof, and finally recognized through the ANBU black ops. Secretly watched as he was trained. Finally, he began attacking every since ANBU who tried spying on him, somehow being promoted to the rank of chunnin-ANBU. Meaning not all the way up there yet. But with the work he finally made his way to a full fledge ANBU black ops. That’s when he was given the name ”Orange flash” for his quick movement. When he realized he no longer had a purpose at the village he left.

Rp Sample:
The Captain of the sensory squad was sent on a mission, this mission was a kind of mission that Roku normally wouldn’t f*** with. He was sitting in his house just got done taking a shower. Roku could never go dirty in anything he did which was a habit but then again a good thing. Roku packing up his swords on his back laid the scroll given by his Raikage down on the ground once he got outside. He locked his door in his house. He kicked the scroll open, he looked at it. It seems he had a assassination mission across the mountains. He sighed wondering what kind of opponents will be dealt with, if the Jounin of the squads couldn’t handle it. It could be a bit troublesome, tactics will probably be used on Roku but he knew it wouldn’t work on him. Once understanding the risk and difficulty with the mission at hand he knew he had a job to do. Closing up the scroll he begin walking around the village until he came up with the perfect plan. Making his way up to the mountains he quickly using the transformation jutsu, he making himself look like a gennin. This plan would be perfect, he would hop up to a place of the mountains and begin walking seeing a large crater in front of him he looked around to see the mountains, nothing more. He scanned the area with his sensory abilities finding nothing at all, he knew they were around somewhere. He had a headband on so he couldn’t get his hearing abilities in place with out that ability he keep moving into the mountains further more. As a Jounin he should have been done with the mission Ugh this is getting annoying I can’t find anyth- his train of mind was cut off due to something catching his attention. To the left side of his body was a pathway, the right yet another pathway but in the middle something different. But before he could even think to investigate something with chakra was falling from the sky at a fast attempt to hit Roku. Roku already using his sensory technique jumped back at least 3 meters sliding stopping himself, the attack was fatal; you would be able to tell by the Smoke coming from the attack into the ground. Roku could not see what kind of attack or who was attacking until the smoke cleared. A female wearing all white with a War hammer in her hand. He knew she was no ordinary person; she threw her hammer like it was nothing towards Roku in a more twisting way. Roku at a good attempt to dodge it leaped into the air only to have it following him into the air using her chakra. He sensed the level; it was High-Chuunin, Low Special-Jounin. Understanding that doing a flip landing on the ground the hammer went right back into the females hands. Roku sighing for a moment he begin running while doing hand seals making 2 clones used to confuse her. She swung her hammer as the real Roku Jumped backwards using the clones they went away quickly using his Harmonic Gloves sending Vibrations waves to her ear as she went to her knees in pain of the power of sound. Roku leaping into the air with a spinning axel kick she went down tumbling passed out. He used the time to get to the cliff he was going to the first time when he felt it before being rudely interrupted. Getting to the end, he showed a face of anger when he transformed into himself. “I’m not stupid.” He said performing a hand seal releasing the genjutsu ”A-Ranked genjutsu huh” Only way he was able to notice that was down the cliff it was a lot of Chakra signatures below and it wasn’t all the way down there either. It transformed back into its original form, which was a large cave or cave in it should be said with one little entrance down on it. It wasn’t that deep but good enough to jump for the jounin Roku. Leaping off it quickly doing a slight flip landing on the ground where the entrance awaited for him. Grabbing his main sword which is longer then his other one, running through the entrance only to find himself standing in a stadium or something of the such, looking to the sky he saw three ninjas jumping down landing in front of Roku. He could feel there chakra level, it was about as high as his. He knew something of the sorts would happen. The first one was large with a special kind of Yellow Armor on him. The others appearance wasn’t important. ”Who ever you are it matters little…You are here and for that you shall be drained of your chakra and executed” Spoke the large one. With out another word they all ran towards him quickly with out wasting any time. Roku doing a twist using his Sound chakra and his sword swung pushing them all backwards. But the big one, doing three punch’s knocking back out of the entrance onto a wall. Roku got up and before he could attack the man was already in front of him he raised his hand up signaling his fingers Roku all of a sudden was knocked into the air back onto the mountain sides. Roku was feed up now, once the man got up to the top where Roku was he was knocked into the air by Roku three second kick which involved him kicking him in the stomach leg then getting down and kicking him into the air. Leaping into the air he begins tormenting him with kicks slamming him all the way back down the cave. Landing on top of him. He made his way back into the entrance where they begin running towards him yet again, they didn’t notice he threw a bomb pass them until it exploded slinging him towards him as he charged up his sword with Sound sending a wave through his sword knocking them all down nearly killing them. Finishing the rest in seconds all of them were dead. “Mission Complete” he said heading back to the village.

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PostSubject: Re: Orange Lotus :: Kaigen Shikyo   Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:44 pm

Earth Mastery:

Lightning/Clan Jutsu:


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Fire Jutsu:

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PostSubject: Re: Orange Lotus :: Kaigen Shikyo   Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:29 pm

Ironically.. approved x.x

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PostSubject: Re: Orange Lotus :: Kaigen Shikyo   

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Orange Lotus :: Kaigen Shikyo
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